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Am. Can. Int'l. CH Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me RA Am. ME/Can. SE CGC (Kona)  

AMCH Clanmarr's Steele Princess CGC (Hattie)


Kona NEW Canadian Champion!  Am. Can. Int'l. CH Coffee Tea or Me RA Am. ME/Can.SE CGC

Croft  (noun) Definition: very small farm: a small plot of land, often with a house on it, that the owner or occupier farms, especially in Scotland.

Crofter  (noun) Definition: someone who lives and works on a croft.

Dream  (noun) Definition: someone or something wonderful. One that is exceptionally gratifying, excellent, or beautiful


Working Cairn Terriers
Over 200 years ago, the crofters from the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye developed a sturdy little short legged "earthe dogge".   Bred to rid their properties of vermin, these early Cairn Terriers would "go to ground" to hold or bolt otter, weasel and fox.  They worked in pairs or small packs and possessed great hunting instincts, focus and persistence.  Such a working terrier was one of the crofters most prized possessions.

The Modern Working Cairn Terrier
Many of today's modern breeds, especially those recognized by the AKC have all but become useless for their intended jobs.  Breeders become so consumed with the show ring.....the beauty pageants of the dog world, that many breeds have lost their instinctual heritages.  To insure that our "earthe dogges" don't lose their working abilities, the AKC and other dog performance organizations have created "earthdog tests".   These earthdog tests allow the dog an outlet for his natural hunting instincts, his problem solving ability, his ability to work with other dogs and handlers and his stamina.

Crofter's Dream ....working Cairn Terriers.
 Our mission is to preserve those characteristics which made these terriers so prized in the crofter's household.  We enthusiastically give our Cairns the opportunity to develop their natural instincts and temperaments.  Cairn terriers should be self contained, well mannered, able to get along with other dogs and gentle.  In a hunting environment they need to be obedient to their handlers, cooperative with their hunting brace-mates yet fearless and persistent when facing their prey.  We focus on correct conformation for efficient and tireless work, natural good health and development of instincts which make them uniquely a Cairn!

Agility and obedience trials also keep our Cairns minds and bodies engaged.   Our dogs come from very solid lines of "Working Cairn Terriers", that are not only conformationally very correct, but also possess a very high degree of gameness.   Our Cairns are "exceptionally gratifying, excellent, or beautiful" and ready to do their jobs!


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